7 Top Tips for Creating Best SEO Content in 2019

Content is always the king; and, if you are able to improve your content marketing strategies 2019, then the kingdom will be yours. If you can write the right topic for the right audience in the right way, your content will achieve higher ranking in search engine, driving more traffic to your business and generating more lead and real ROI.

But what are the key factors that make your write up the right choice for your target audience?

7 Top Tips to Create Best SEO Content

Looking forward to getting tips on creating the best SEO content in terms of reach, read, share, and value? These 7 top tips will help you create the most engaging content this year and beyond.

1. Write for the Target Audience

Every business has a particular audience. Write especially for your audience. But to reach the right people you must optimize your content with proper target keywords.

Keywords are the key terms and phrases used to search for certain topics, products or services online. Thus you need to identify the most intense word(s) and phrases used as search words for the particular type of business you are in. To identify the right target keyword, you must understand:

  • Your Target Audience
  • Interest & Requirement of them
  • Reason behind their Interest & Requirement
  • Keywords they’re using in Search Engine

2. If Content is King, Readability is Queen

If the target keyword is in one hand to achieve a higher ranking, readability is the queen on the other hand. To rank high in the SERP, you need to maintain several things, but the major one is the incredible readability of your content.

You need to create such content that retains the visitor on your page and make them read through. How much time the visitors stay on your page is called dwell time, which sends a positive signal to the search engine. Thus, an attractive, interesting and readable content directly contributes to longer dwell time.

There are two major things to consider that make content more readable – information and ease of understanding. If your content provides interesting and useful information in an easy to read and understand way, more people will read and share your content. As your content engagement increases, your website ranks better in a search engine.

3. Make Content Contain Intense Depth

It is one of the prominent trends we are observing since the end of 2018 that content with profound significance appeals more to most of the readers. When your content discusses a topic with intense depth and takes the reader to some more new windows, works for better search engine rankings because of its engaging quality and intense focus.

4. Website Page Speed Matters

Page Speed matters, and it’s not a new thing. Like ever before, your readers will leave your site soon your page loading time exceeds 3 to 5 seconds. Not to make your visitors frustrated and leave, speed up your page and content loading time.

5. Make It Visually Interesting too

Several studies have shown that a person remembers 80% or more of what he/she sees. On the other hand, further research and studies show almost 94% of people enjoy reading articles that are visually rich and informative.

Here we suggest to use high-quality, well-designed images and infographics, rather than using stock photos. If your content comes with professional and definitive visual appeal, it contributes better for your SEO.

6. Use Stats and Facts

If you think of establishing your opinion or observation, you must provide supporting statistics, facts, and data to make your writing a dependable source for your readers. The key to create successful SEO content, trustworthiness is the key.

7. Manage Reputation

Do you know, search engines values authoritative contents and expert authorship more than ever before? According to the latest search engine updates, a content with proper and detailed author biography contributes to a page’s overall quality. Therefore, being a writer of a particular content you must manage your reputation. For example, your reputation evidence may include –

  • Your first-person interests and activities (like hobbies, passions)
  • Professional and Social Connections over the Internet
  • Website Reputation management Guidelines
  • Testimonials, reviews and References

*Follow the same for the guest bloggers.

Wrapping Up…

The most essential thing every business owner must keep in mind is the importance of audience-focused contents. Once your audience finds your website and the contents helpful and engaging, they will come frequently and stay longer, making you a favourite choice of the search engine.

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