5 Elements of Modern Website Design For 2019

Modern design website is a relative phrase. Some people may think a design for a website in 2010 is modern, while there are others in this website development field who have seen better things in past years, that any designs in 2018 are already outdated.

The thing we most notice is that modern designing of a website doesn’t benefit or requires a ton of whistles or bells. The more clean and simple, better user experience it is.

Today in this Blog we will discuss the 5 key essential elements for modern website development.

1. A Limited Strong Colour Palette

This might sound primitive, but colour usage and schemes are important when it comes to developing a modern website. A strong colour palette helps to create a union between everything that your business puts out in public forum.

A website who have both secondary and primary colours have more space to work with when it comes to creating or imputing new elements whether it is the landing pages, homepage, or a resource database.

However, the number of colour is incorporated in the design also plays an important aspect. Having too many colours on a website becomes a visual distraction, so most website designs in 2019 should be opted only for two or at most three in their designing elements.

Check out sites like Amazon and Apple. You won’t find arrays of colours but just one colour background and one visible accent. Choose your colour usage to make it easier for your users to focus.

2. Responsive Website

As days pass by technology is evolving. Gone are the days where people assessed the internet from Computers. Business websites or be it e-commerce sites are all accessed from their smartphones or tablets and thus the need for ensuring a website is mobile-friendly is a must!

You can incorporate two methods for achieving this; first is by creating a separate website with a similar URL to your main business site, specially created for mobile access devices.

The second option is the much cheaper one and it can be utilized if it’s available to be used. Google is currently preferring those sites which support mobile devices and it makes it necessary for your website to be responsive.

3. Relevant Calls-to-Action

As said earlier, converting your audiences into customers and leads is also important to new 2019 themed website design. Here’s why: Websites are meant for connecting you with visitors who are interested in your products, content, and services. Once the connection is made, all you have to do is retain a relationship with these audiences.

Things like free downloadable ebooks or pdf, subscription forms, free consultations, free products samples, or any other invites are Great Call-to-actions (CTAs). These should be incorporated strategically into your modern website design and are very important for collecting the contact information, typically just the email address, of your visitors so that you can continue the conservations with them to convert into potential customers.

Including relevant CTAs in places throughout your website – may it be at the end of your blog, in your response page, sidebars, are to name a few.

4. Professional Coding

Creating a website has become easier in recent times and thanks to the number of tools available to help in this process. What’s greater is that most of them are free.

However, it is essential for one to seek a professional coder to ensure that your website is perfectly cohesive to run smooth operations. Smoother the process, more business it will get.

This will help in removing the errors which would have appeared otherwise on your page if the design work is being done by an amateur. It would lead you to lose a lot of business.

5. Design for Your User First

This is another important website design element. It sounds like you should be first designing your site for your user, and not just to boost your social rankings. Designers or companies out of desperation to boost their rankings, do things which are ‘good’ for Google, but bad for the user.

A website should be user-friendly before anything else and it is the only thing a company should be concerned with. Google is one smart thing! It can tell you whether your users are getting any good value from your site. Place your content above SEO, at least while starting off, to optimize your website for the user, building loyal connections, and recurring visitors.

Bonus Point: Speed Optimization is also one important design element that shouldn’t be overlooked. With today’s technology, people expect things to load instantly, or they’ll just walk out within two to three seconds later and never return.

Incorporate these 5 elements into your modern website design. As a business, you obviously don’t want your prospects and leads to thinking negatively of you. With these tips, you can create a great website that will help in attracting new audiences, generate leads and convert them into loyal customers.


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