2019 SEO Hacks For a Better Landing Page

The last year 2018 was great for few who have won many visitors and ranked top in Google Search bars. All thanks to SEO Strategy and hacks.

But there has been many as well who have hurt their website rankings. As an SEO specialist, the main goal without reasons is to top Google Search result lists again, boost ROI, and gain organic traffic more, right?

While many feel like they are lacking behind and their competitions zooming ahead, don’t worry. NeoCom has listed down the new 2019 SEO Hacks which is needed to control and be ready to climb the top at 2019!

Let’s begin, shall we?

1. Create High-Quality Content

By now we all know the signs of high-quality driven content for gaining traffic but what other things can be done to make it a best? Here are the few tricks to keep in mind.

Ensure all the posts are clear and readable. Frame sentences or use short paragraphs that support and revolve around one clear idea. Use relevant, crisp, and clear subheadings, bullet point as much as you can to help your user to give a quick read. Keep as much as white space between sections to make landing page readable.

But how does Google search engine even gives such accurate results?

Whenever a user feeds a query in the Google search bar. The Google crawler starts looking for the best result it can offer. Google itself can’t curate information, they just look into blogs, articles, websites having the relevant answer, and start listing them in the SERP. The one having the best of information will rank top of SERP.

But those spots are not easy to get.

You need to research and create content which has all the information related to one of those queries.

Content having the best information will be awarded. So, if you own a website, be sure to curate contents to your niche, because if you divert, Google will not understand the purpose of your website.

Create contents which Google will understand. Lastly, never compromise with your content quality. The more attention you pay to the contents, the richer it will be and higher the chances of ranking.

2. Using Latest Keywords In Voice Search

Keywords always have been the winner of all getting jackpot leads. Research well before starting with your content. Customer’s preferences and choice changes on a daily basis. So, keeping your keywords updated shouldn’t be ignored. Right keywords should be introduced in the right places.

Even when the methods of searching are shifting from typing to voice search, keywords are always the precursor. Incorporating long-tailed search keywords helps in getting on Google top ranks.

3.  YouTube SEO: Rich Images & Keywords

Remember the days how as kids we loved watching colourful books and pictures than reading much? The audience is no different. Rather than reading a paragraph, they are attracted more to videos or pictures.

But don’t overdo it. Keep in mind, using a few relevant videos are the ones going to gain higher conversion than a thousand irrelevant ones. YouTube is the second most popular search engine besides Google. Produce creative videos, high quality, use relevant keywords for video title and description, and employ the other SEO tools for optimizing and getting more subscribers and likes.

4. Backlink Is Still Number One Factor

We all by now know how important Backlinking is for SEO. According to Google, still, the foremost factor is Backlinks while influencing search rank. But it necessarily doesn’t mean one can do anything with the links.

Low-quality links can end up hurting your websites as they can be confused for capable spams. Only the high-quality links have so far earned through qualitative contents which showed effectiveness in pushing the website ranks up.

5. Targeting Local Search Engines

Almost half of the people make the search on their devices which are local. Some of the topmost are – shops, local addresses, and telephone numbers. So, if you want to be ahead of the game, and profitable, one just cannot ignore local SEO search. That also means optimizing and building local landing pages. Approximately, around 72% of the people searching for local businesses eventually end up visiting within a three to five-mile radius. As you can see, there’s just so much at stake when it comes to not taking into local SEO into account.


Getting yourself upgraded at every business step is really important for one to keep the sales flowing. Losing momentum may prove to be a huge loss to your company’s vision. Update your knowledge and update your tools every now and then. Optimize landing page and make necessary changes in policies of using the social media platform with the latest 2019 SEO Hacks to aim more!


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